Before, it absolutely was understood among the Chipayas one Chile was only a great location to performs

“What we should are afraid of is the fact into constant migration in order to Chile, this new Chipayas manages to lose a sense of who they are, its name and you can life style,” told you Gilberto Pauwels, a great Belgian anthropologist that is an expert on the Uru community. “It will be a travesty if that were to happens.”

Many Chipaya whom check out Chile be effective fundamentally return towards the town, a growing number of men are putting off bet truth be told there.

The residents, the fresh Aymara, won’t allow Chipaya to return toward property it had immediately following named domestic, once the Aymara had paid off higher taxes so you’re able to Spain to have legal rights towards the house, just like the Chipaya paid down lower fees to live on the water

“I came across a great Chipaya that his possessions inside the Chile, their jeep, his phone and his awesome pros, nearly all whom are also Indian groups and you will Chipaya,” Mr. Pauwels said. “This really is a complete improvement in mindset. “

Florencio Mamaniquespi, a twenty eight-year-old occupation worker, mentioned that he previously adult accustomed to his frequent travel across the the brand new border working but he constantly checked forward to returning domestic, even in the event the guy you should never state an equivalent to own his members of the family.

“Quite a few of my buddies are living over there full-time and they want to move their loved ones because it is nuclear physics going forward and backward,” Mr. Mamaniquespi said. “But We let them know you have to survive this adversity so you’re able to maintain the race.’ “

Today, they stands for an alternative lives

The fresh new Indians trace its issues with the arrival of Spaniards. Anthropologists state the latest Urus starred in Bolivia a large number of ages in advance of brand new Christian point in time and you can long before new Aymara Indians, exactly who now compensate the bulk of Bolivia’s native inhabitants.

The first Uru, have been anglers and hunters, existed to the drifting isles produced from reeds into Lakes Titicaca, Poopo and you can Coipasa, where there can be a great amount of creatures.

The trouble began when the ponds started to run dry since the regarding weather alter, inside the period of the Language conquest, pressuring the Chipaya onto dry-land.

“Once the Urus had been living to the drinking water, the nation altered drastically as much as them,” Mr. Pauwels said. “They had zero rights to the homes more and that’s why he could be so terrible now.”

The Chipaya, just who once ruled this new large simple, was compelled to settle at 13,000 foot on the coastlines from Lake Coipasa, today a sodium lake. Certain Chipaya transformed into the Aymara people to locate particular residential property.

Mr. Pauwels said that a census away from 1580 indicated that there had been more than 40,one hundred thousand Uru in the region, compared to regarding the step 3,100000 today, out-of just who the fresh new Chipayas make up dos,100.

A number of Uru however live on the floating islands in Lake Titicaca, the earth’s highest inland river at the 12,five hundred ft significantly more than sea level, collectively Bolivia’s edging with Peru. But they admit which they take care of this life only to attention travelers.

Now, the brand new Chipaya nevertheless accept that their homes try stolen from them of the Jemeni Kvinne Aymara, and they’ve got petitioned the federal government to get it right back.

To the Bolivian Authorities, brand new Chipaya quandary arrives at the same time when the nation’s billion Indians, which take into account over seventy percent of your own people, all are requiring higher liberties and you will value, just after centuries regarding overlook.

Chairman Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada’s government have undertaken a program in order to let, increasing Authorities purchasing on country side and you may, among most other measures, delivering knowledge inside the Indian dialects.

Nevertheless Regulators is tough forced to find the currency and you will info it might shot resettle step 3,000 Chipaya, and cannot be able to offend the fresh thousands of Aymara Indians because of the annexing elements of their belongings on the Chipaya.

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